Multi Color Metal and Plastic Lids for Packaging


No matter what industry you're in, you need the proper closure for your containers. There are two main types of closures: dispensing and non-dispensing. Another common type of closure is child-proof packaging. 


New AGE, Inc. offers closures made from polypropylene and metal PP, as well as tin.


Our plastic and metal round caps are 24mm. The bottles and jars are 110mm.


Plastic caps come in PP white or black. Colors for child-resistant caps are available on request. 

We offer metal screw caps and inner seals for “F” style tin cans as well.


We offer a variety of liners to fit your needs. We offer plastic sureseal PE foam standard liners, poly cone, and an unlined option. We offer polyseal and foil seal liners upon request.

Why the right closure is important

The correct closure will ensure the product your business is selling can be used as intended. The lid needs to properly secure the product inside, display your brand if that's important to your company, be easy to open for the consumer and provide a good look and experience for the user.