Custom Leak-Proof Food & Retail Packaging Solution

Food & Retail

Special Features

IPL's Tamper-Evident containers feature a tamper-evident security system to simplify your operations and reduce costs while protecting your product against unfortunate openings or shoplifting. They are guaranteed leak-proof even after repeated use.

IPL’s Tamper-Evident containers are easy to open and use, making them perfect for retail. Our containers offer a large decoration surface on the lid, container walls, and on the bottom. We can include IML and Dry Offset decorations as well.

These containers are microwave and dishwasher safe. The containers, lids, and IML labels are typically made from polypropylene (PP). Some containers are available with or without a plastic handle.

We have a variety of colors available when ordering, including natural (standard), white (standard), clear (standard), black, yellow, orange, red, blue, and beige.

Types of food containers

We offer food containers for whatever product you'd like to package: 

  • Beverages
  • Hot food
  • Bread
  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Produce
  • Dairy

and more!

Contact New Age Packaging to learn how we can help you safely & properly package your food and retail products.