Plastic Jugs and Jars


High Density Polyethelyne; Polyethylene terephthalate


  •  ROUND: 0.5-1 gallon HDPE Round gallon jugs - 38mm, White and Natural - Blue White on request.
    Packaged: bulk and 4x1 cartons for gallon jugs
  •  WIDE MOUTH/PACKER: HDPE Natural 16 and 32 oz
  •  WIDE MOUTH JAR: PET Clear - 16 and 32oz
  •  SQUARE: PET Clear square - 16oz; PET Clear pinched grip jar - 32, 48, 64, 84 oz
  •  BOSTON ROUNDS: HDPE and PET 4-16 oz on request
  •  "F" STYLE: 1 AND 2.5 gallon HDPE "F" style plastic jugs upon request - White and Natural.
    Packaged: bulk and 4x1 on request; 2.5 are 2x1


  •  Applications: Plastic General use, Shipper Sprayers, Specialty and Chemical and Acid resistant sprayers
  •  Sizes: 28mm w/ 2 tube sizes available

All jars are bulk packed

*** Carafe and cylinders on request