Tin Cans for Packaging from New Age Packaging

What Can You Use Tin Cans For?

Tin cans offer a solution for many applications, including holding paints, coatings, adhesives, mastics, and other viscous products.

Why Tin Packaging?

Tin is a versatile form of packaging, often used in industries ranging from food to cosmetics. Learn more below about the benefits of tin packaging for your business.


Lightweight Yet Strong

Save on shipping costs with a material that is lightweight, without compromising safety of your product or dented packaging. Keep your products safe with strong tin packaging.


Similar alternatives like aluminum and steel can impact the product inside the can if it is a food product.

Interior Can Linings

Different materials require different can linings. We offer unlined cans and gold epoxy phenolic linings.

Special Features

New AGE, Inc. offers special features for whatever application you’re working with. Ring and plug style cans have three points of contact called tripletite to prevent paint from migrating out of the can while remaining easy for the consumer to open. Our paint cans contain 25 percent post-consumer content and are 100 percent recyclable. We have full lithography available on the can bodies. We also offer tin can clips. We have metal clips for ½ gallon, ¼ gallon, pint, quart, and gallon cans.

Lithographic Minimums

If your company requires lithography, we have a minimum order quantity of 25,000 cans.

Can Size

We offer cans in the following sizes:

  • 83mm
  • 105mm
  • 165mm
  • 307
  • 404
  • 610