Bagging products is an inexpensive package option for a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods. The Process involves heat sealing plastics together to secure various goods. There are multiple types of bagging to choose from, including bags with header cards, printed bags, or plain bags.

New AGE, Inc's Bagging Capabilities

  •  Automated and manual bag sealing equipment for short and long production runs
  •  Wicket bags for increased production
    • Wicket bags are pre-arranged and stacked bags that are held together by a wire wicket, allowing for more streamlined and efficient production.
  •  Multi-color printed bags
  •  Poly tubing
    • Also commonly called PE tubing (polyethylene tubing), poly tubing is a jack-of-all-trades material—it's long-lasting, resistant to corrosion, not heavy, flexible, and safe. It is often used as an alternative to traditional poly bags because of its custom (almost infinite) lengths. Contact our team today if you need a custom-sized bag!

The New AGE, Inc. Bagging Advantage

  • New Age Packaging has multiple baggers for high volume bagging of your products, including imprinting and automated bowl feed.
  • We have both automated and manual bag sealing equipment for short and long production runs.
  • New Age supplies multi-colored printed bags and poly tubing.
  • Kitting, header stapling, and co-packing services are available.

New Age Bagging Capabilities

New Age Bagging Machine

New Age Bagging Machine