Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging is a cost-effective, secure, and visually appealing package design used for a wide variety of consumer goods. The process of blister packaging involves using heat and pressure to capture product between a custom-designed thermoformed blister cavity and a specially coated card stock or another material, like foil or PVC. A specific type of blister packaging you may be familiar with—when one side of the blister packaging folds over on itself—is called a clamshell.

What Products Are Packaged Using Blister Packaging?

Blister packaging is a versatile and easy way to showcase products. A common use of blister packs we see every day is in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine tablets packaged in blister packs offer ease of use and a streamlined package. Many consumer goods industries, like tools, crafts, toys, health and beauty items, and more, choose to use blister packaging.

Should I Use Blister Packaging for My Product? What Are the Benefits of Blister Packaging?


If your product is not intended for consumption and therefore you're not concerned with freshness, blister packaging can still be a great way to present your product to customers in stores. You can also customize the backing card while keeping your product packaged safely and securely.

Safe and Secure

Unlike some other types of packaging like simple boxes, it's more complicated to tamper with blister packaging, which means your product will be more secure.

New AGE, Inc's Blister Packaging Capabilities

  • Automated and manual equipment for short and long production runs
  • Captured Blisters/Club Packs—Sealing card to card
  • New Age thermoforms combo and dedicated blisters

New Age Packaging Variety of Blister Packaging, including Clamshell