Shrink Wrapping

What is it?

Shrink Wrapping is a form of packaging where the product is enclosed in a transparent plastic film and heat sealed. Once sealed the package travels through a heat tunnel and shrinks tightly around the product. Shrink wrapping is used for electronics, pharmaceuticals, marine products, hardware, foods, print and paper and sporting goods.


  •  Automated and manual equipment for short and long production runs.
  •  Maximum size of 20"x40". (Additional equipment available).

Material Choice

  •  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  •  Polyolefin (POF)
  •  Polyethylene (PET)

New Age Packaging has Shrink Wrap capabilities

New Age Packaging has multiple Doboy Mustang Horizontal Flow Wrappers for high volume automated shrink wrapping. These high speed machines use flat shrink wrap.

We also have multiple ARPAC/Hanagata Automated L Sealers using centerfold shrink wrap.

Email Steve Burress at or call 216-440-4316 to see how we can streamline your packaging needs.