Custom Boxes from New AGE, Inc.

If you own a business, you know the importance of branding your product and marketing your company's message. Part of that message is your packaging.

New AGE, Inc. offers a wholesale business solution for sellers, big and small, with our printed boxes that are customized just for your business! With our expertise and your brand's designs, we can create the most marketable packaging for your products.

We know that not every industry has the same requirements for consumer packaging when it comes to custom boxes, but some companies invest a lot of time in creating and designing their branding on the exterior of a custom box.

Benefits of branded custom printed boxes:

  • An additional touchpoint for your brand that effectively elevates brand recognition. A custom box is an important marketing method that improves customers’ perception of your brand.
  • An opportunity to flex your creative muscle—designs can range from a simple logo to a full color box with patterns and specialty finishes or folds.
  • An opportunity to help your brand stand out among an array of plain brown boxes. Sometimes a well-designed box will draw the attention of a non-customer who happens to see the box and look up your company—and potentially become a customer.
  • Afford extra protection for your products by choosing a strong, corrugated material.
  • Potential cost savings by selecting the best size of box for each product, reducing unnecessarily large shipping boxes.
  • Customers will generally feel like they are getting a better value when the packaging is well-thought out.

Custom Branded Tape for Personalized Box Packaging