Polyethylene Bags from New AGE, Inc.

Custom poly mailers are a popular e-commerce shipping choice. They are ideal for shipping t-shirts, apparel, and soft goods. Lightweight and easy to ship, our poly mailers are tear-proof, self-sealing, and weather resistant. Add your branding to our poly bags for an eye-catching marketing tool for your business.

Types of Poly Mailers 

There are different types of poly mailers for whatever product you're shipping. 

  • Standard Poly Mailers
  • Bubble Poly Mailers
  • Industrial Poly Mailers

Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers



Custom poly mailers allow you to put your branding on your package, which puts your logo in front of your customer from the moment the package arrives at their door. Brand recognition is a great tool to use, and custom packaging is a step to get there. 


Poly mailers are a great option for keeping costs down on your shipping as they are lightweight and low volume. Poly mailers also make returns more affordable to handle. 

Enhanced Security

From waterproof to tamper-evident designs, there are ways to enhance the security of your package with poly bags. 

For whatever custom packaging requirements your company has, New Age, Inc. would love to be your custom packaging company. Contact us today to see all the options we can create!

Branded Poly Bags for E-Commerce