Display Assembly Services by New AGE, Inc.

New AGE, Inc. has extensive experience in creating retail-ready displays constructed of corrugated and other materials that are assembled to your specifications. If you require kit & POP (point of purchase) display assembly, retail order fulfillment, or integrated inventory storage, New AGE, Inc. has your needs Retail Display Assemblycovered.

What are POP (point of purchase displays)?

In a sea of advertising, you need to catch your customer’s eye. POP displays do just that with stand-out retail display fixtures. Separate from displaying merchandise in the aisle, POP displays showcase your specific product or group of products on their own. They keep the customer from the feeling of overwhelm by too many choices, and they give you more real estate directly in front of your customer which can increase sales. 

POP displays can be customized to your brand, the time of year, any holidays that are approaching, and can be directed at your ideal target customer. The options are endless. Types of POP displays include end caps, dump bins, retail display cases, freestanding displays, banner stands, and gondola displays, among others. 

How do POP displays differ from POS (point of sale) displays?

POP displays can be anywhere in the store, while POS displays are focused near the register. POS displays usually hold small items or magazines, and they’re usually in or leading up to the checkout register. Beverage coolers at the end of the register are also POS displays. If your item is often considered an impulse purchase, POS displays are a great option. 

No matter what retail display you’re looking for, New AGE, Inc. has your solution. 

Why is retail order fulfillment important?

Retail fulfillment is the process of preparing and shipping the order to the customer. When your customer receives their order, what is the experience like? Order fulfillment is an invaluable service as your business scales. Having New AGE, Inc. take control of your order fulfillment allows you to focus your resources on growing your business. 

When you outsource your order fulfillment with New AGE, Inc., you get a plethora of other benefits included. Some of those benefits are: 


We have the technological resources to automate and optimize your fulfillment process. 

Human Capital

It natural for the demand of your business to shift through the year. We have the human capital that allows your business to fluctuate without the stress of people logistics. 

Logistics Proficiency

We are proficient in ensuring we get your order to your customer as logistically as possible. This is carried through the processing, packaging, and shipping stages of your order and beyond. 

What value does integrated inventory storage provide?

A proper inventory storage system can optimize your inventory management system. Our 800,000 square foot warehouse has ample room to organize your products, and our software systems will ensure your inventory is properly tracked so you can successfully manage your supply. 

We can get you started with display services for your product, to learn more contact us today!