Labeling/Overlabeling Services by New AGE, Inc.

Labeling is an often neglected, yet important, part of the packaging and product processing journey from manufacturer to end consumer. If you’re looking for custom-designed labels, we can help with those, too.

Labeling 101

Proper labeling is more important now than ever for your products. Proper labeling can increase efficiency; from warehousing to shipping & logistics, to ease of use for your end user. The right label allows your product to stand out and be counted on the global stage, allows for seamless integration with new technologies, and allows for proper compliance dependent on your industry.

New AGE, Inc. has the necessary labeling equipment to seamlessly get your products through production, whatever the configuration or orientation. Our services include in-line production labeling for all bottles, tubes, or any custom containers of all shapes and sizes; single-sided and two-sided pressure-sensitive labeling, and all types of orifice sealing. 

New AGE, Inc. offers labeling solutions that best fit your budget and your product needs. We would be happy to help you with a specialized labeling request—your labeling challenge might be our area of labeling expertise. Our experience with all aspects of labeling means we know by trial and error what works best for your specific product, so you don’t have to play the guessing game!

Do not hesitate to ask us for something that is a challenge for you. Whatever your labeling needs, our team will come up with a solution that is cost-effective and efficient.

What is pressure-sensitive labeling?

These are the most popular label type in the world, for a myriad of reasons!

These labels are especially useful as they can adhere to a large variety of substrates: from plastic to cardboard, and metal.

Under Pressure

Pressure-sensitive labels use pressure to bond the adhesive of the label to your product. The self-adhesive nature of pressure-sensitive labels means that water, heat, and solvents are not needed to adhere the label to your product—depending on your product type, this can mean everything!

Easy on/Easy off

Easily applied, pressure-sensitive labels can be easily removed; often, they will simply peel off the container—which is a benefit for recycling.

Our Pressure Sensitive label offerings

We offer single-sided and double-sided pressure-sensitive labeling. Double-sided labels are awesome for products in clear or translucent containers, as they allow for more surface area to be labeled!

What is Inline Labeling?

By labeling on the production line, you can optimize the way your product leaves the warehouse. Inline labeling offers speed without compromise—this type of labeling is especially efficient since everything is done in the same line.


Overlabeling is the process of applying a label over the top of an existing label. This can be helpful in situations where the original label has wrong information or pricing. This type of labeling can also be used to add promotional or seasonal labels over the top of existing ones.

When done professionally, it is often hard to tell that a previous label is underneath.

To learn more about our labeling services, contact us today! 

Diagram of Labeling/Overlabeling