Custom-Shaped Injection Molded Clamshell Packaging

Thermoformed Clamshell Packaging Services by New AGE, Inc.

Clamshell containers can be made of a variety of plastics by thermoforming or can be injection molded into the desired shapes. A single piece of material is used for the top and bottom with a "living hinge" that is integral to the material, rather than added separately.

Because the packaging does not need to be cut open to be used, it can be reused by the consumer which reduces the environmental impact of the packaging. 

Additional Benefits of Clamshell Packaging


Customizable with branded inserts

Because clamshell packaging is transparent, it can be customized with branded inserts. The transparent design also increases customer trust because they can see exactly what they're getting when purchasing the product. 

Offers product protection

Clamshell packaging seals tight to keep the product inside clean and safe. From transportation to the product sale, the product is protected from contaminates. 

Ease of use

Clamshell packaging is easy for the customer to use because it can be opened and closed without frustration. Clamshell packaging can also be resealed. 

Whatever industry your company is in, it's important your thermoformed packaging is high-quality and well designed. To ensure the best quality, trust New AGE, Inc. for your clamshell packaging design and production!