Custom Tooling Aluminum Tooling Mold

Custom Tooling Prototypes by New AGE, Inc.

Tooling is the creation of the component to make your custom packaging. Custom tooling makes your product feel finished and increases the customer experience. 

When you come to New AGE, Inc. for your unique packaging needs, we will request a drawing or sample of your product. Once we have a sample or a drawing of your product, we will use the specifics we find to begin working on a tooling prototype of your packaging for your approval. A layout of your package is designed & machined and an aluminum tooling mold is produced right here at New AGE, Inc. Depending on the size of the thermoformed tray, plastic clamshell, or blister packaging you need produced for your product(s), multiple parts can be placed on a single mold. 

To learn more about New AGE, Inc. custom tooling prototypes and custom packaging options contact us today by calling (330) 468-0734 or contacting us here.