New AGE is looking to fill the following positions:

Machine Operator

Loads machine with production material and makes minor machine adjustments. Responsible for machine-processed product quality.

Machine Technician

Can perform all the responsibilities of a machine set-up associate. Based on knowledge and experience makes machine modifications for improving productivity and performance. Also responsible for machine maintenance and repairs.

Production Line Lead

Knowledgeable in all aspects of a specific production line operation. Works alone or with team members to safely and efficiently perform repetitive product assembly/packaging work. Communicates production objectives to line associates and trains new hires. Monitors and performs first piece and periodic inspection of product runs to ensure quality. Keeps production line clean, orderly and flowing. Clears production line of unused product for return to stock. Communicates any safety, equipment, personnel or product issues to supervision.

Production Associate

Performs repetitive product assembly and/or packaging operations.

Lead (Material Handler, Order Fulfillment Specialist or Warehouse Lead):

Knowledgeable in all aspects of inventory movement, order fulfillment and storage. Responsible for communicating with and training new hires and generally serving as a supervisor’s assistant without authority to hire, promote, or discipline.

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