Tapes, Labels & Tags from New AGE, Inc.

Custom packaging tape, labels, and tags make it easy to brand your shipments. Also a great option for improving your brand exposure and your package deliverability.

Benefits of Custom Packaging & Shipping Tape

Just like the custom shipping box beneath that contains the product, custom shipping tape is yet another touchpoint that will allow your brand to stand out among competitors.

Custom tape allows customers to immediately recognize your company, and it is a chance to share not only your logo and branding but your contact information.

Generic shipping tape doesn't necessarily offer as much protection as fortified shipping tape, such as brown paper tape.

Why Have Custom Printed Labels?

Custom printed labels offer yet another potential area in which to apply your branding. Whether you need custom labels for your food or beverage product, labels for household cleaning products or labels for exterior packaging, the team at New AGE, Inc. is happy to help! Looking for a sophisticated finish and texture for your label? Contact us today to discuss options for your custom labels!

Custom Printed Shipping Tags

Why choose custom printed shipping tags? You guessed it! Branding, branding, branding. Make sure your shipments are easily visible and identifiable by creating clear and well-designed shipping tags.

Custom Packaging Tape with Logos