Thermoformed Plastic Trays, Different Colors & Materials

Thermoformed Tray Packaging Services by New AGE, Inc.

A thermoform tray is a plastic tray made using the thermoforming process. The process heats a plastic sheet and stretches it into a mold. Thermoformed packaging includes plastic trays, plastic clamshells, and plastic end caps. All three styles of thermoformed packaging are made corrugated for proper part protection during shipping.

Industries that use Thermoformed Tray Packaging

  • Food 
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Electronics

Customizable Thermoformed Tray Packaging


A great benefit of thermoformed tray packaging is how customizable it is. No matter what product you need thermoformed tray packaging for, we can create it. We can also create trays for your blister packaging or clamshell packaging

We offer a variety of materials for the different uses you may need your packaging for. For example, food products have unique packaging specifications. 

No matter what thermoformed tray packaging your business requires, New AGE, Inc can help you create it. Fill out our contact form or call us at (330) 468-0734 today!